Tiffany forced me to do this...

how much do you know about jo? Take this quiz on a rainy day i wont do anthing wonderful to your life but it will make you smile and think for a few minutes. Please.

Do you know the real Jo? Go on take this test, if this doesn't help you learn anymore about her itl sure make you laugh! The lamb reference was all my idea, especially the licking (which is now gone!) and im sorry Jo. i just got hysterically selfish and stubborn!

Created by: Josaphiiiine~

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  1. Who is my favourite sailor soldier?
  2. What is my favourite brand of shoe?
  3. Whats my favourite Taking Back Sunday song?
  4. Who is my rock idol?
  5. Who is my arch nemesis?
  6. What do i want to be when i grow up?
  7. Who am i deep down inside?
  8. What do i want to study at University?
  9. When is my birthday held?
  10. Which character of the simpsons am i most like?

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