Political Choices

In the world of politics, we have become used to explanations instead of answers. No one can ever just say, Yes or No. So, we never really know what they believe at their core when all the nuance is stipped away.

In this quiz you are forced to just pick "yes" or "no". You have to decide which way you would go if you couldn't have nuance. It is tough to do, but it gets to your core beliefs in a way that other surveys fail to do.

Created by: MDuminiak
  1. Should all guns be legal?
  2. Should all abortions be legal?
  3. Should any type of speech be banned?
  4. Should gay marriage be legal?
  5. Should foreign terrorists fall under civilian judicial rules?
  6. Should we immediately withdrawl from Iraq?
  7. Taxes are too low.
  8. Spending is too high.
  9. Is our government too large?
  10. Should the viewpoint of the international community dictate our military actions?
  11. Is Free Trade good?
  12. Should we be tougher with Iran?
  13. Does the national government need to get more involved in education?
  14. Should we have national healthcare?
  15. Should we maintain support of Israel?
  16. Are campaign finance restrictions good?
  17. Should we secure our border with Mexico?
  18. Are you in favor of term limits?
  19. Should we have a progressive income tax?
  20. Is the U.N. serving its intended role in the world?
  21. Should Social Security be privatized?
  22. Does the government need to force energy reform?
  23. Is America still the greatest force for good in the world?

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