thorough treasure island (book) quiz

Treasure Island has been considered a classic for many years. Ever since it came out in 1883, it has sold remarkably well, but many people never choose to take a quiz on it and remember the story.

How much did you pick up when you read Treasure Island? Or did you not read it at all but think you could pass a quiz on it? This quiz will not only show you how well you know the book, but also how much you pay attention to other books. This quiz will help you. So take it! Come on!

Created by: Robert
  1. Who is the narrator for most of the novel?
  2. Where does the story begin?
  3. Who is the first pirate that Jim encounters?
  4. Jim is paid to watch for a man with what description?
  5. How much is Jim paid each moth to watch out for a one-legged man?
  6. In what month does Black Dog first make his appearance?
  7. How did Jim's father die?
  8. Where is Billy when he receives the black spot?
  9. What is not found in Billy Bones’s sea chest out of a suit of fine clothes, an old Spanish watch, a bottle of rum, and seashells?
  10. To whom does Jim first show the map?
  11. From what town does the expedition set sail?
  12. Who is the last crew member on the Hispaniola to learn about the treasure?
  13. What phrase does Long John's bird repeat over and over?
  14. On the journey to Treasure Island, who falls overboard on the ship?
  15. Where did Jim hide when he overheard Long John Silver planning his mutiny?
  16. Who does Jim tell to gather the others, when he overhears the planned mutiny?
  17. What do the pirates prefer to call themselves?
  18. Whose treasure is involved?
  19. Why was Ben Gunn on the island?
  20. Where does Jim encounter Ben Gunn (on Treasure Island)?
  21. What was Ben Gunn stranded with?
  22. Who is the first to discover Flint's treasure on the island?
  23. When the treasure was initially discovered, where was it taken immediately after its excavation?
  24. Who finds the fort?
  25. What does Jim hunt for after leaving Captain Smollett in the stockade?
  26. What flag is flown initially from the stockade?
  27. Where did Ben Gunn keep his coracle hidden?
  28. How does Jim move the ship away from the pirate camp?
  29. Whom does Jim fight on the ship when he sneaks on board?
  30. What flag resembles the pirates?
  31. Why does Long John Silver visit Captain Smollett in the stockade?
  32. Why did Dick cut a page out of his Bible?
  33. When the pirates hand Silver a black spot toward the end of the novel, what is its message?
  34. How did George Merry spell “deposed”?
  35. Who does Silver take hostage?
  36. What do the pirates prefer to call themselves?
  37. Why does Dr. Livesey visit the pirates at the stockade?
  38. How does Ben Gunn frighten the pirates?
  39. Allardyce, one of Flint's unfortunate seamen, took what from Morgan ashore with him before he died?
  40. What final clue signifies the treasure?
  41. According to John Silver, whose skeleton was it?
  42. Jim sees "huge slimy monsters" on the beach before cutting loose the Hispaniola. What were those monsters?
  43. Near the end of the story, three remaining mutineers were marooned on the island to the "huge glee" of whom?
  44. What happens to Silver at the end of the novel?
  45. Who helps Long John Silver escape?
  46. Why did Jim keep nothing back but the bearings of the island in his journal?
  47. What happens to the treasure?
  48. What are the last words of the book?

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