This Week in Baseball Headlines

You could be reading a newspaper right now. You could be surfing Yahoo or FOX Sports to discover the latest trades, odd stories, and heartwarming moments in MLB's offseason.

Or, you could be taking this quiz! Test your knowledge of recent baseball happenings with ten amusing, interesting, and awe-inspiring questions. And remember, if you don't get a high score the first time, you will be judged for it.

Created by: Ashley of this site
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  1. Why did Edgar Renteria decline a hometown parade in his honor?
  2. Who's getting a children's book made out of their World Series accomplishments?
  3. Which Giants player has a Facebook page devoted to making him the host of SNL?
  4. What was a fan charged with stealing from the Cleveland Indians?
  5. Which two Giants players were recently seen on late-night talk shows?
  6. Which team's former owner is up for a spot in the Hall of Fame?
  7. Besides the Yankees, who else is pursuing Cliff Lee right now?
  8. Who was the first player to be traded this offseason?
  9. The broadcaster for which AL team passed away this week?
  10. In 2011, which team will be sporting new uniforms at the ballpark?

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