How Well Do You Know Mock The Week?

As the name says, you may realise that this is a quiz about Mock The Week. Some of the questions are quite easy, some are hard. But everyone has the same chance.

Are you the number 1 fan of Mock The Week, no because I am. But are you number 2. Take this quick test to find whether you are rubbish of brilliant!!!

Created by: David

  1. When did Frankie Boyle confirm that he was leaving the show?
  2. What well known Irishman hosts the show?
  3. What kind of animal did Russell Howard say had died while his family were watching football?
  4. How many episodes was Andy Parsons in before he became a regular panellist?
  5. What pop group does Hugh Dennis usally refer to?
  6. Why couldn't they do a normal show at the end of series 1?
  7. In series 2 episode 4 who is in Rory's seat?
  8. How many episodes have been filmed
  9. Frankie was not on series 7 episode 12. True or false?
  10. What is the name of the show's theme song?
  11. Which of these is a round on the show?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Mock The Week?