This Quiz Will Read Your Mind #3

I am back with my another mind-reading quiz. This one has a link with the previous one; you will come to know the link after you have taken this quiz.

Most of the things are same, except for the way. I hope you like this quiz, and, if I am correct, please rate ten stars. If you do everything correctly, I am going to be correct.

Created by: Jeeshan
  1. Today, once again, your mind is going to be read for the third time!
  2. Please read each and every line very carefully and respond. Take as much time as you want.
  3. You can use a calculator if you want.
  4. At first, think of any whole number.
  5. Now, square that number.
  6. Then, add the current number with your original number.
  7. After that, divide the number you have by your original number.
  8. Now, add 17.
  9. Now, subtract the number by the original number you have thought.
  10. Now divide the number by 6.

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Quiz topic: This Quiz Will Read my Mind #3