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  • actually, I had a pretty bad head ache before I started, and now its gone!

    also, not all babies are born with blue eyes, though it is very rare, some babies are not born with blue eyes! both my step brother and I were not born with blue eyes! cool, huh?? I love random facts and proving people wrong with them! I am the fact master0.o lol

  • Nice quiz! Although sciensts have proven that goldfish have a very good memory. They can remeber things for days, even months. My science teacher told me that today. I love the random facts! Thankfuly I didn't get a headacke.

  • Awesome quiz! Lol i love random facts! And its not impossible to lick your own elbow! Its just really hard xD I can lick my own elbow! I really can! :P its fun the prove that "fact" wrong!

  • Lol!that was brilliant!XD

  • Truthfully, I already knew like half of these, but I LOVE random facts! Out of 10 stars, I give you 1,000,000,000!

    TNMEBDMS girl

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