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This is a rant about the hate spreading about Niall Horan. I mean, come on! Niall is fuking cute, but to some people, he's just "different" or "ugly".

They're wrong. Niall isn't even close to ugly. But I still don't understand why Niall ONLY gets the hate. I know, I know, NONE of them deserve it, really.

Created by: PuPpYxoxo

  1. Can some of you diretioners believe this?
  2. Some "fans" that call themselves "directioners" are saying stuff like: Niall doesn't belong in the band! Niall is ugly! He shouldn't be famous! Really? :( Some of you know that Niall is insecure, and sensitive, so why would some of you say that? Seriously?
  3. And I bet some of the so called "directioners" think they're so bad ass by saying that to him. If they are "bad ass", why wont they say that to Niall's face hm? They just really need to shut up. If this keeps on going on, Niall would just give up his dreams! D: Who would want that to happen? Oh, that's right, people with NO hearts.
  4. Let me tell you something about what I saw on fanpop: These two girls saw Liam and Niall so they went up to Liam. They asked for a picture with him, and guess what they said to Niall? GO AWAY. Now, these two "directioners" are hated all over Tumblr and Twitter. Ha ha ha, if I ever see them, I'll laugh right in their faces. xP I know, it sounds wrong, but isn't wrong that they said go away to Niall? NO ONE SAYS THAT TO THE NIALL.
  5. On Twitter (Yeah, I think it was on there...) Niall was getting hate everywhere. He couldn't sleep without thinking about it, so he just cried himself to sleep. But thank god Zayn said "f--- off" to those people. If I was those "directioners" saying bad things to Niall and Zayn told me to f--- off, I would. o__o
  6. Also, when the group is taking pictures with fans, the fans only hug the 4, and leave Niall there with no one hugging him. All he did was just smile. If I was them, I'll cuddle with Nialler. :33 (SORRY o__o)
  7. That's all. I just wanted to get that out of my system.
  8. But I still can't believe that Niall gets that hate. He DOESN'T deserve it. NO ONE in 1D deserves it, actually.
  9. *sigh*
  10. Niall might give up his dreams... :'(
  11. Wow, I made this in June 2012, & now it's June 2014. And let me say, I was some fan back then, heh. I guess I only cared about Niall bc he isn't the only one who gets hate. Now, I don't know if Zayn still gets called a terrorist, or if Harry still gets called a man whore, but I do know that there are still some butt f---ers who keep hating on all of them. If you send hate to 1D and you're reading this right now, what the hell is wrong with you? I mean, I understand if you don't like their music & all, but really? Their not bad people, so there's absolutely no reason to hate on them over the internet. It's kinda pathetic, actually. Why can't you just ignore them & go one with your life? Siiiigh. Most of the hate they get anyways are lies. All of them are talented. All of them are beautiful. I'm done. Bye.

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