5 Seconds Of Summer Fan Quiz

This is a 5sos quiz for true fans. Please know your stuff before you take this. It is dangerous and you could possibly be murdered if you don't get them right so...

Imma go on a rant. Don't be butthurt by the results you get okay? You signed up for it by clicking on this test. Now please enjoy this because we had to work on this for like twenty minutes and that's a long time because we have a life. Bye now :)

Created by: Justine & Ava

  1. What day and year did 5sos become a band?
  2. Who came up with the band name?
  3. What is Ashton's middle name?
  4. What song is this from? "Throwing rocks at your broken window Only you can cure my sickness *bleh* Raise ourselves and a middle finger 'Cause they all think we're twisted"
  5. Who Is Half Irish?
  6. Which Song Did Calum Sing All By Himself?
  7. Abigail Wrote A Song Called You Suck. Who Was It About?
  8. Who Said This? "Do More Of What Makes You Happy."
  9. What Was The First Cover 5sos Did Together As A Band?
  10. Who Did 5sos Tour With First?

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