How Well Do You Know 5 Seconds of Summer Lyrics?

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Ah, 5 Seconds of Summer. The aussie band of 4 loved by teenage girls and boys everywhere. Why not test your knowledge of this wonderful band's lyrics? If you mess up, you won't be able to look at the answers, so go actually listen to some of their songs, and THEN take this quiz. Thanks.

I have decided to create this quiz because recently I have been absolutely obsessing over this band. 5SOS is so amazing and I would definitely recommend listening to them at least once.

Created by: Olive Girl

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  1. "Oh the sun will rise, like a flame ignites. We're not done till we say it's over, we won't fade away"
  2. "Everyday, it's the same, all the games that you play. Back and forth, round and round, kinda like it this way."
  3. "Cuz every night you and I find ourselves, kissing and touching like no one else, falling and falling until I fell, for you."
  4. "Young love, close the chapter. There's no, ever after."
  5. "You are my getaway, you are my favorite place."
  6. "Hitting every redlight, kissing at the stopsigns darling, Green Day's on the radio. And everything is alright, now we're turning up the headlights darling, we're just taking it slow."
  7. "He's walking home cuz he can't pay for the bus, he's got a dollar but he ain't got enough"
  8. "I want to print our hands in the pavement, savor your words I won't ever waste them."
  9. "The darkest night never felt so bright, with you by my side."
  10. "It started out a weekend in May. I was looking for attention, needed intervention."

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