How well do you know Calum Hood?

Okay if you don't know 5 seconds of summer you're in the wrong place, so leave... secondly if you think you know them but aren't sure do a google search and clear up any confusion.

Calum Hood is a beautiful human bean (Being) but he's a special one... dark hair, tan skin and an Australian accent, Calum is one of the few that CAN win them all.

Created by: Luke Hemmings of Secret 5SOS
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  1. What colours is CalPals suit in the Don't Stop Music Video?
  2. What is Calum's middle name?
  3. When Is Calum's birthday
  4. What part did Calum play when the band re-enacted Twilight?
  5. What instrument does Calum play in 5SOS?
  6. What's Calum Favourite colour?
  7. What was Calum's old Instagram name?
  8. What animal does Calum frequently post about?
  9. Which is an actual tweet by Calum Hood?
  10. What's Calum's sister's name?
  11. Which song from their self titled debut album does Calum have writing credits for?
  12. At the 2014 VMA's Calum wore a vest with which bands logo on it?
  13. What Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle does Calum dress up as?
  14. What is Calum's 5SOS' tribute tattoo?
  15. HEY CALUM, Pancakes VS Waffles
  16. Calum is Kiwi and what other Nationality?
  17. What mythical country did Calum offer to take you on a first date?
  18. Which of these is Calum's Favourite account to follow on facebook?
  19. Who is the most famous person on Calum's phone?
  20. What is Calum's favourite variety of balls?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Calum Hood?