Thinknoodels Quiz (The Youtuber!)

Ok this quiz is about a fellow youtuber named thinknnodels who plays Minecraft, Poptropica, and he used to play club peuinguin. If you don't know much about him and want to take this quiz I suggest you ho check him out on youtube before doing so...

Now... Are you an official thinknoodel expert??? Well you better test your luck on this quiz there will be many questions some easy some hard try your best and noodel on!!!

Created by: Bella
  1. How did Thinknoodels get through PARKOUR in diversity 2?
  2. How did Thinknoodels get through PARKOUR in diversity 2?
  3. What games does Thinknoodels play or used to play?
  4. Whats thinknoodels dogs name?
  5. Whats thinknoodels real name??
  6. Whats dose thinknoodels call gold in Minecraft??
  7. Where does thinknoodels live??
  8. How many pets does thinknoodels have??
  9. What is thinknoodels skin??
  10. What website does think use to post videos?

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