what do you know about poptropica?

there is a game called poptrpica on the computer that many love. on poptropica, you can create a person and go to different islands to do different tasks.

do you know a lot about poptropica? there are many things to know about it. you can take this quiz to find out if you really know about poptropica!!!!

Created by: hailee
  1. on what island do you battle Zeus?
  2. which of these are true about superpower island?
  3. on which island do you travel on a small boat to different destinations?
  4. on which island do you play on the show "braniacs"?
  5. which is true about early poptropica island?
  6. on which island do you train with bosho?
  7. what is true about ghost story island?
  8. on what island do you stop dr. hare from taking all the carrots?
  9. you see a giant on this island.
  10. you find bigfoot on this island.

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Quiz topic: What do I know about poptropica?