How well do you know Skulduggery Pleasant?

The world of Skullduggery Pleasant is one full of magic and mystery. Skullduggery Pleasant is a series of books that tell the story of his many adventures with his partner, Valkyrie Cain.

So you think you know Skullduggery Pleasant? Either that or you are bored and decided to try this quiz.Take this short and easy quiz to test some of your knowledge on Skullduggery!

Created by: ScarletClaw
  1. Who is Skulduggery Pleasant?
  2. What is Valkyrie Cain's real name?
  3. Where did Valkyrie and Skullduggery meet?
  4. What car was Skullduggery driving when he and Valkyrie first visited China Sorrows?
  5. Who is the author of Skullduggery Pleasant?
  6. Who does Mr Bliss send to help save Skullduggery in the first book?
  7. Who were the Elder Mages?
  8. What protected The Book of Names?
  9. Who was Gordon Edgley?
  10. Last question. In which coastal town does Stephanie live in?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Skulduggery Pleasant?