How well do you know Skullduggery Pleasant?

I have read Skulduggery Pleasant many times before, and know it back to front. It is rather hard to get 100% on this test, and those who do must have memorized the books?

Have you memorized the books? Do you want to find out if you're a Skulduggery Pleasant genius or a Skulduggery Pleasant dunce? In just a few minutes you could find out by completing this quiz!

Created by: bookwormciara
  1. What is the taken name of Stephanie Edgley?
  2. Which villain appears in the majority of the Skulduggery Pleasant whilst still alive?
  3. What does Tanith Low become possesed by?
  4. What power does Stephanie Edgley not possess?
  5. What gang did China used to belong to?
  6. What did Chinas gang support?
  7. What did Stephanie's Uncle keep hidden in caves beneath his house?
  8. What is the 5th book called?
  9. Who is the new character that appears in The Faceless Ones (and in future books) called?
  10. Which book includes a short story introducing Geoffrey Scrutinous?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Skullduggery Pleasant?