(Skulduggery Pleasant) What magic disablin are you?

This quiz is about sorting you into the disablin that suits you best. This is a Skulduggery Pleasant quiz and I will liken you to Skulduggery characters.

You will be asked different questions each of those creating your disablin. The first two questions are not relevant but still have to be in here as is protocol.

Created by: Divine Chaos

  1. If you were about to be tortured by Melevelant would you?
  2. The Sanctuary needs a new Grand Mage. Who do you suggest?
  3. The Sanctuary's are at war. What do you do to play your part?
  4. Darquess is here and Valkyries back. What do you think of her?
  5. Are you?
  6. If you saw a skeleton would you?
  7. Are you?
  8. If you saw a Remnant would you?
  9. If you found out you were about to die would you?
  10. Your at a cafe and someone's being robbed would you?
  11. Do you?
  12. Your home is about to be blown apart what objects do you save?
  13. What magic do you want to have?

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Quiz topic: (Skulduggery Pleasant) What magic disablin am I?