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in this you will find places and people as well as entertainment and art, should be a snap for the SMART ones. this i took myself via a book and i passed with an 95. so i hope all goes well for you

ARE YOU SMART? come on really do you think so. well we shall see what you have to offer. i said i passed with a 95, i am smart. i hope you are as well

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  1. what holiday has montreal celebrated with an annual parade since 1824
  2. what nations balboa hill offers a view of both the pacific and Atlantic oceans
  3. what U.S. port city guards the mouth of the Patapsco river
  4. who became the first former doughnut maker to walk on the moon
  5. what side dish do Quebecois smother in cheese curds and gravy, and call poutine
  6. what E word do the amish use to refer to anyone outside their commuinty
  7. what European citys 165 canals are spaned by 1,281 bridges
  8. what language has more native speakers than any other in canada after english and french
  9. what central american nation boast a barrier reef second in length only to australias great barrier reef
  10. what mount everest conqueror was saddled with the middle name percival
  11. what actor was obliged to utter, in gladiator " it vexes me. im terribly vexed"
  12. what rapper refers to himself as jigga and j-hova
  13. what awards ceremony sends winners home with a moonman
  14. what character actor showed off fancy dance steps in Fatboy slims video "weapon of choice"
  15. what alias did stephen king pen novels under, because he was writing so many books his publisher worried about overexposure
  16. what actor came to regret uttering the immortal line "use the force luke"

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