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  • ...OK, I honestly get why some people would think like this. I can tell you from firsthand experience, I know what it's like to feel different from everyone else. Everyone tries to tell you to embrace what makes you different, because it makes you you. But at the end of the day, all you feel like is an outcast. An outsider. A freak. And that's not something that can be helped.

    You're probably expecting me to lump in Therians and Otherkin with those idiots that "identify" as the other gender. And here's the thing, I want to. I want to decry this whole thing as insanity, and sweep it under the rug, but... putting aside the whole "outsider mentality" thing I said earlier, for what I'm gonna call the past 5 or 6 years (memory's not the best), I've been getting these feelings of... phantom wings. Then I took this quiz out of boredom, and got this result.

    "Your Result: Otherkin 80%

    You are otherkin! You are a far, werewolf, unicorn, dragon, ect. trapped inside a human body. You probably had a past life as one of these creatures, and may feel very powerless in your weak, human body. Deep down you are a mythical creature or the galaxies above, but unfortunately you were put into this fleshy human body. If you want to learn more about otherkin then please do some research! You may actually be one! I wouldn't suggest searching on Tumblr though!"

    Now that I think about it, these feelings did coincide with my notice of a video game called Kid Icarus: Uprising, where you play as an angel named Pit, but it doesn't make sense. I was raised by a Christian family in the bible belt. I was surrounded by imagery of angels all my life. Why would it wait for that one video game?

    I want to be told I'm wrong to think this could be legit, and if I'm right, I at least want answers. If you're anyone with above average knowledge of psychology, someone that actually believes in this "animal/mythical creat

    • Poor transphobic person. What are you doing with your life?

      Igy Wigy
    • Dude you could be an Angelkin. Dont deny it, just accept who you really are.

  • Otherkin,true I do wish I was a unique and indifferent type of creature sense I like to be unique and talented alot. I'd like to be a mermaid or alien the most sense I like space and swimming alot. I'll be a mermaid alien lol. Cool quiz anyways mate though.

  • I'm a Therian. I took other quizes too, and found out I'm a Coyote therian. Possibly polytherian. I conect to the look of wolves but the howl of coyotes.

    Sarah Winsgly
    • please dont think you are a coyote therian solely based off of a quiz. there are tons of animals in the animal kingdom and youll never truly know what your true theriotype is if you dont try and research your non human feelings and try to line it up with an animal thats closest to what you are feeling.

  • I'm 88% therian, I'm mainly connected to wolves and/or some sort of wild carnivore like foxes

  • The quiz said I'm human.

  • why isnt there an option to say i havent played house as a child cause i havent! so i had to pick whatever answer. also the question itself is pretty stereotypical. bad way to determine whether someone is a therian or not.

  • im 90% therian

    fading paws1
  • (continued from last comment)iz, I don't care. Please explain to me. Just what the hell is going on?

    • What the heck!
      I am 74% furry and 73% therian! am i both??

    • also i took an am I a therian quiz too and the results were 84% therian sooooooo but I also have a furry head

      please help me... :l

      My name is River btw I'm 14 and my pronouns are he/they

    • Do you feel less than 100% human or feel a deep and strong connection to a particular species or your sona? You can very well be both, or in the middle! My results says I'm 77% therian and 35% furry even though I consider myself on the line between a furry and therian, as I feel like I share a heart and soul with a certain anthro wolf who I know I am deep down, I often can feel my tail and ears and sometimes get frustrated when I see a human in the mirror. I want to express that side of me through art and may or may not get a fursuit once I'm in uni. Do you feel similarly? I do not believe you have to strictly label yourself as one or the other.


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