Therian, Furry, Otherkin, or Human?

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Otherkin. Therian. Furry. Human. All beings on this world. Therians are animals trapped inside human bodies, while furries are just humans that like animals at a new extreme. Otherkin are mythical beings that have been trapped inside a human body, and humans... Well. They're humans!

Though, what are you? Are you an animal trapped in that fleshy pink skin? Or maybe a fae or dragon? What about a furry; an anthropomorphic wannabe? Or are you a human, like most people are? Answer 15 simple questions to find out! And then at the end, maybe do a little research to see if you really are one of these unique beings!

Created by: Riley
  1. When playing house as a child who did you normally play as?
  2. When you first meet someone new, what do you notice right off the bat?
  3. When you eat, how do you want to eat?
  4. When frightened, how do you react?
  5. Do you often feel very lonely in this world, and wonder why you can't go "home"?
  6. Do you ever try to use limbs you don't have to complete daily chores?
  7. Do animal calls ever make you upset when used in hunting shows?
  8. Do you ever feel like you have phantom body parts? (Tail, Ears, Wings, etc.)
  9. Do you dream you're an animal or mythical being?
  10. What location do you find most comforting and at home at?
  11. When sexually aroused, what do you do?
  12. What foods suit you best?
  13. Last Question: Did you like this quiz, and are you excited to see your result?

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