There are many averagely competent people, probably like you. Its too bad that you cant be as smart as me...what!? you think that you are! Well take this quiz and we'll see.

This quiz is a quiz on verbs, just one of the many things I know about. Just because it might not be fair for you to have to go in with just YOUR knowledge, I've prepared a website. check it out, study it and come back.

Created by: ArmanTheGr8

  1. In which sentence is their a transitive verb?
  2. Which sentence does NOT have a linking verb?
  3. Which one of these is a verb?
  4. Which of these is in the full-infinitive form?
  5. Which of these is a gerund verb?
  6. Which of these has a future-participle?
  7. In which sentence is their an intransitive verb?
  8. Whats the most awesome site on the internet?
  9. Who created this quiz?
  10. What should Mr. Hansen give me?

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