Revenge- Part 4

Amir: brown-blondish hair almost like all of the guys hair combined, blueish-grayish eyes, average skin tone, over average muscular but not more than Landon, seems annoyed with his life, usually mad/angry, mysterious. Landon: blonde hair, sky blue eyes very muscular, average skin tone, preppy, fun, outgoing, nice, bright, cheerful. Gavin: brown flippable hair, blue also most purple more purple than blue eyes, pale but not too pale, usually mean and grumpy but mostly because of his past, unpredictable.

Connor: dirty blonde hair, bright blue eyes, a bit over average skin tone (tanish), averagely muscular, bright, fun, happy, (him and Landon are those bright always happy excited kids but Connor is a bit more than Landon) goes-with-the-flow type of guy. Hayden: blonde flippable hair, crystal clear blue eyes, tan, averagely muscular, average on most things, averagely nice, over average mean, nothing really unique about about him, too-cool-for-you type of guy.

Created by: Miss Direction

  1. "Ok sure I'll help you ONLY if my friends can help too." I say making a little deal with them. Amir, Connor, and Hayden said yes, while Gavin and Landon say no. They all repeat their answer a bit louder. Hayden says, "Dani, why don't you go upstairs to your friends." "You aren't going to win. They will NOT be apart of this." Landon says angrily. "No. Last time she was up with her friends, it didn't end well." Gavin says. "There's no point of running away again. She will be fine." Hayden says. "Well...." Landon says. I found that offensive. "Fine. Would you like me to go with her? It's much better then being here.." Amir says. "It's a room full of people." Gavin says. "Never mind," Amir says. He really hates people. And the world. " I'll take her upstairs. I'll make sure the guards do their job this time. There will be yelling involved. " Hayden says with a smirk. Finally, one thing they can all agree on.
  2. Hayden opened the door for me and my friends were all pacing, hoping I was ok. They saw me and hugged me; it was a giant group hug. "Alright," Hayden started, "Last time I was not impressed nor was the rest of them. God knows how she out ran all of you and got downstairs. If these people weren't here, oh all of you would have been DONE! This will not happen again!" Hayden yelled. I wanted to say something to him but I was way too afraid now. "Yes sir!" They all said on command. "I'll come back when we are ready," Hayden said then left. "Oh my gosh," was all they could say. We all sat in silence, too scared to speak. We could hear their faint voices. "Come on Landon! We can bring the rest of them to help us with her friends." I guess Gavin gave in. "No absolutely not happening!" Landon refuses. "C'mon she's not gonna do it without them!" Connor says. "Just let go of what they did and do it for Dani," Gavin tries. "Then why don't we let go of everything!" Landon says. I can hear the anger in his voice. "You know that's different," Hayden says. "How?!" Landon replies. "Dani, what are they yelling about?" Kyla asks. "I'm sorry but I can't say until they come back," I say. "C'mon, who are we exactly gonna tell? We have been kidnapped and put in a room. You can tell us," Brit says. "I-I can't. I really wish I could but you saw how mad he got when they didn't do what they were suppose to do," I say. "Guys, Dani's right. If she says anything we all would be dead. Even Dani." Savannah says. "Fine, but if they do anything like that again, they're GONE!" Landon agrees down below. "And it doesn't seem like they come any nicer then the guy that came in," Savannah says.
  3. Hayden comes back and we're all silent, "Dani, can I have a word?" I get up and follow him downstairs. "Ok you can have your friends. Hayden will go with you to get them," Connor says. "Ha! Only like half of them are here!" I say. "Wait WHAT?!?!?!?!? How many are there?!" Gavin asks. "Twelve. Actually eleven without me." I say casually. "Oh hell NO!!! We can't have eleven of her friends and six of THEM!!!!!!" Landon yells clearly hating the idea. "Relax. It will be fine!" Connor says trying to calm him down. "Yeah, trust me. they're cool. You guys will love them!" I say excitedly. "Dani, why don't you and Hayden go upstairs and tell the friends that are here," Connor says calmly. This time Hayden takes me to the elevator. "What's up with Landon? Why doesn't he want them to come?" We step into the elevator and he pushes a button. "It's not exactly your friends that he doesn't want," Hayden says. "Well then who?" "Our friends. Which are his cousins. But we the five of us are all family so they are also our cousins." Hayden explains. "Then what's the problem?" I ask. "If your friends come then we have to bring them. Last time we saw them, Landon didn't get along with them so well." I felt like he wasn't telling me everything. They never do around here. It was too late to ask him because we got to the door.
  4. Pick out your friends and I'll take them to a different room." Hayden said before opening the door. "Savannah, Brit, Winter, Kyla, Blue, Lucy, lets go," I say. They all look at each other and leave without a word. The second that Hayden shuts the door they give me the look. "Why is he here?" "Is he gonna yell at us?" "Where did you go?" "Where are we going?" They ask. "Don't worry, he's fine. We'll explain everything, including why he scared the life out of the guards." I say. Hayden rolls his eyes. "Will you be staying with us?" I ask before he could say anything. "Oh sure sounds like fun!" He says sarcastically. He leads us to a room on the floor above us, but this time we take the stairs. He opens the door to a room with mixed emotions. Half looks like it was decorated by Landon and Connor, and the other half looks like it was decorated by Amir, Hayden, and Gavin. But it wasn't like there was one half dark and the other half was bright, it blended together. A bit strange. Guess all the other girls are thinking the same thing. We push that aside, and grab bean-bags to sit on. Hayden and I told them everything. They all seemed happy and excited about all this big news that we told them. Finally, after answering questions, they all looked at each other and nodded. "Sure, we'll do it!" Savannah says speaking for the rest of them. "Yay!! So excited!!" I say happily. The door opens and Amir, Connor, Landon, and Gavin come in. Landon says, "Fine. You can have your friends." "Yay!!!" I get up and hug him. He was a little surprised, as in everyone else, but hugged me back. After we were done hugging, I ask, "So how are we gonna bring the rest of them?" "And what about the rest in the other room?" Blue asks. "Well, the rest of them we were planning on letting them go." Landon says truthfully. "And I think we should just send you guys back to school, get your friends and come back here!" Connor says. "Ok there is like 10 problems with that plan!" Lucy says. "And what is that?" Hayden asks. "Well first, how are we suppose to go back to school? Second, it's not that simple to go to school, get them, and come back! Third, even if we DO get them then how are we suppose to know where to come back?! We don't even know where this place is!" Lucy says a bit annoyed and angry, but she was right. "We'll drive you there," Connor says while pulling out car keys from his pocket. "And what's so hard about telling them to come?" Gavin asks. "First of all, we don't even know if they'll come!" Lucy says angrily. i can tell she doesn't really like them. "And some of them aren't the type for this kind of things," Winter says. "Paige..." Blue mumbles. "If god knows how, we get them to come, 30 students were kidnapped by you and we just happen to be some of them. They WILL ask questions. The principle and staff. They would NEVER let us go without telling them everything." Savannah says. "She's right." Landon says. Amir mumbled some curse words under his breath. We all sat in silence for a minute. "Wait. What about Jake? Nobody knows that he was 'kidnapped'," I say getting an idea. "We could send him to school with a note explaining everything to them!" "Yeah! That will work!" Connor says. "Wait! What about Paige?" Blue ask. "We can't just leave her," Winter says. "I know. That's why we should have her use Jake's phone to call us and then we will have to convince her." I say. "Ok great. Hayden, go tell Jake," Connor says. "But I'm so comfortable!!" Hayden complains. Gavin looks at his watch. "Wait. It's gonna be too late by the time Jake gets there so if you guys are up for it then we could go tomorrow morning?" We all agree. "What's morning? Is that like eight, seven?" Brit asks. She's not a morning person. "Early." Amir says. Brit doesn't even dare to say another word, either does the rest of us. "Ok well we can show you to your rooms," Connor says awkwardly. "Wait we are suppose to stay here all day and do nothing?!" I ask. "It's a pretty big house.." Gavin mumbles. "Well that was the plan," Hayden says. "Fine," Savannah says with her tone that means she's getting an idea. I have a feeling this isn't gonna be good, apparently so does everyone else.
  5. They pair us up and I ended up with Amir. Everybody else seemed happy with their partners expect for Lucy, who hates all of them especially Hayden which she got paired up with. They take each of us to different levels, each person on a different level. "I just want to say thank you for convincing Landon to let my friends stay." I say trying to make a conversation. "You shouldn't be thanking me," Amir finally decides to speak. "Ok well sorry," I say. He looks annoyed. "Ok what's your problem?! I understand your past and stuff but do you think that you're the only one?! I WAS A FOSTER. I had about nothing, no education, no friends, I had no idea who were my real parents. Everyone at the foster house thought I was weird because I wasn't like them! They would make fun of me and beat me up. Then Savannah came. She was like me. At the age of 7 me and Savanna we both adopted to rich families but never lost touch. Do you know how difficult it is to go from having nothing to filthy rich, no education to having one of the highest GPAs in the school, no friends to the most popular group?" i turn around to go find Savannah. I really needed to talk to her right now. "No wait," Amir says while grabbing my arm. "I'm sorry. I didn't know." I turned around and released my arm. "Hayden is also on this floor." He said while opening the door to my room. The room was a ginormous room! it has a king size bed, a couple doors; one next to the bed and the other off to the end of the room, a makeup and hair section next to door at the end of the room, one part of the room has a sofa that looks so comfy and a giant flat screen T.V, and to the side of the room has two doors with curtains, I'm guessing those doors lead to the balcony. I step in and look around in amazement. I open one of the doors and it is a giant walk in closet! It's pretty empty, though. There's racks going all around and it stops at a ceiling-tall , 10 foot wide, shelf area for SHOES!!!!! This is the best walk-in closet that I have ever seen! When I get out of my closet, I find that Amir is still here. "Can you take me to Savannah?" "Yeah," he mumbles. We go down one level and across the hall to Savannah's door. "Thanks. I can take it from here," I say.
  6. We talk about the room and about everything that happened today. I told her about my conversation with Amir. We haven't talked about our past in a while. She knew I was really upset about it, especially because it was worse for me. "So in my closet I didn't find clothes, what about you?" She said trying to change the subject. "I haven't either. Do you have clothes with you?" She checks her bag and says, "Nope. Let's go find out if the rest have any." We find out that none of us have clothes. We are sitting in Lucy's room because she was the last one we found. "That means..." Kyla started our favorite line. "SHOPPING!!" We all scream. We get up and head towards the hall. None of us know where the guys are and how to get to them. "I think the elevator is this way," I say pointing to the right. We down the hall and I was right! The elevator is here! We get in and there is like a thousand buttons. We all push a different one, hoping the one we pressed would be the level that the guys are on. Every time the elevator would stop, one of us got off, look around the hallway to see if they were there. We did this for a while. It got annoying. We reach a floor, that I can't see because I'm at the back of the elevator. Winter goes out and shouts, "They're here! Come!" We all go to them and they look at me to talk. "Hey, so we love our rooms especially the walk in closets. The problem is we don't have clothes," "Or shoes" "Or makeup" "Or hair accessories" They add on to my sentence. We look at them for an answer but they didn't figure out what we were trying ask. "We want to go shopping!" Lucy says. They look at each other and Landon says "Sure, why not?!"
  7. We get to the garage and there is about 7 different cars all parked and a different color. We pair up and I end up with Savannah-which is awesome- and Amir-which is totally not awesome. By the way that Savannah is staring him down, this ride isn't going to be fun. "Oh yay! This ride will be so much fun!" Amir says sarcastically. "You bet," Savannah says. The second we drove out of the driveway, Savannah started her yelling. "You know you don't always have to be like that! We get it! You had a bad childhood. Well guess what?! SO DID WE! We don't act like you all the time. Sure, it's a touchy subject when people bring it up and we sometimes turn like into you but that doesn't mean that all the time that we have to be all rude, mean, and grumpy." "If it's a touchy subject, then why are we talking about it?" Amir gave her the look. She wasn't going to back down. "Do you know why I'm this up?" He just looked at her. "Smartass here finally doesn't have a comeback!" Amir smirked for the first time. "It's because you brought up." "I did no such thing!" Amir exclaims. "Dani had no choice but to tell you! Do you know how many years we didn't talk about it?" We were now trying to find a parking space at the mall. I just sat there the entire time while they fought and had said nothing. "Too many." Savannah says while the 5 cars that we all took pull in to a parking space. "You know what? Maybe we shouldn't do this! We all know that if I won't do it then either would Dani or the rest of them." Savannah exclaims while throwing her hands up in the air. "No no no! What do you mean won't do it?!" Landon says while running over to us with the rest of them. "You heard me. Why don't you ask smartass here what happened," Savannah says while getting out of the car. I also got out of the car and as much as I want to help them, if one of my friends say no, I respect their decision. Savannah and I push past everybody and went straight inside the mall.
  8. We knew exactly where we are going so we decide to take some turns before we start shopping so they couldn't find us. We walk into Forever 21 and pick out a ton of things from the store. We were having so much fun until we got in line and remembered that we did have our purses with us. The guys told us not to because they would pay for everything. "Next in line!" That was us. We hesitated to go but ended up going. "Um-" "Do you take American Express?" Amir cut me off. "Yes." The lady handed our bags to us. "Thanks but no thanks." I say. "We won't be staying." Savannah finishes. We walk towards the door ignoring Amir. Connor catches up with us, "Wait! You guys are really not going to help us because of Amir?" I turn around to him and say, "It's not because of Amir, it's because what happened." "Oh and it isn't impossible to deal with us, just ask like the entire school," Savannah says. "Oh really? So does that mean that the two of you have had many boyfriends?" I turn around and run towards the door and behind me I hear Savannah say, "There you guys go again!" Savannah chases after me and grabs my arm so that I could face her. For the first time in years, she saw me crying. She pulled me into a hug. "I just want to get out. I knew this was a bad idea." I sob out. She pulled out of the hug and faced me and says, "So then what are we waiting for? Let's go!" She held up Amir's car keys.
  9. "Ok so where to?" I say while Savannah pulls out of the parking spot. "Don't worry," she says. We rode in the car with the music blasted and the windows down. She takes me to a park where we always go when we are sad or just need to get away from the world. We used to go here when we were fosters. We had amazing memories. We both jump out of the car and head to our favorite swings. We had so much fun until the guys pulled up. "My god. Do they always know where we are?!" Savannah says. Just the guys get out of their cars and head towards us. "What do you want from us?! We told you we were done. We aren't going to do it." Savannah says. "Actually we kinda wanted the car back." Landon says smiling. "And we were hoping we could convince you guys to help us again," Gavin says. "Look, you guys bring my past back and memories that I don't want to remember. This isn't going to work out." I say truthfully. "We need to have a confession circle. Now," Landon says. "Get the rest of them."
  10. Ok that's it!! Thanks for reading!! Please comment and rate!! Part 5 will be out soon!

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