Revenge- Part 3

Amir: brown-blondish hair almost like all of the guys hair combined, blueish-grayish eyes, average skin tone, over average muscular but not more than Landon, seems annoyed with his life, usually mad/angry, mysterious. Landon: blonde hair, sky blue eyes very muscular, average skin tone, preppy, fun, outgoing, nice, bright, cheerful. Gavin: brown flippable hair, blue also most purple more purple than blue eyes, pale but not too pale, usually mean and grumpy but mostly because of his past, unpredictable.

Connor: dirty blonde hair, bright blue eyes, a bit over average skin tone (tanish), averagely muscular, bright, fun, happy, (him and Landon are those bright always happy excited kids but Connor is a bit more than Landon) goes-with-the-flow type of guy. Hayden: blonde flippable hair, crystal clear blue eyes, tan, averagely muscular, average on most things, averagely nice, over average mean, nothing really unique about about him, too-cool-for-you type of guy.

Created by: Miss Direction

  1. I came out onto an underground level and the room was filled with gadgets, weapons and some other stuff that I didn't recognize. The walls were a beech color, and there were doors placed randomly around the room. I can't help but think about Landon and his bright personality and that he probably decorated this entire house, even this floor. This level looked like it was highly secured; I probably am not suppose to be here. Whatevs. I slowly walk over to the first door I see, which is the first one on the left and strangely white. Guess Landon forgot to paint these doors. I reach for the door handle, and the second I touch it, a really loud alarm goes off. Everything on the walls sink into the wall, everything turns red (the walls, the floors, everything), red lights flash everywhere, all the doors in the room lock, and a loud and painful screeching sound rings throughout the room. I put my fingers in my ears and lean against the door and slowly slide down it until I reach the ground. I close my eyes and pray for it to stop.
  2. Suddenly, it stops. I realize that it stopped and I slowly open my eyes and get up, afraid to see what happened. Everything returned to normal, just like I found it. Towards the front of the room stands Gavin. He didn't look happy but he looked anxious about something. "Are you ok?" He asks. "Yeah. What is this place?" I ask. "C'mon, lets go," he says. Ugh! I hate how they never answer my questions! "No. Answer the question," I say. "I'm not leaving until you give me an answer," I say confidently. "C'mon, you don't want to play this game with me," he says with a grin. I just cross my arms and give him the 'I'm serious' look. "If you want to know then you're just gonna have to wait until Amir, Connor, and Hayden come back." He says truthfully. "No. I want to know now," I say stubbornly. The elevator doors open and three unknown people come out. One of them has dirty blond hair, bright blue eyes, a bit over average skin tone (tan-ish), and averagely muscular. The other one has brown-blondish hair almost like all of the guys hair combined, blueish-grayish eyes, average skin tone, and over average muscles. Finally, the last one has blond flippable hair, crystal clear blue eyes, tan, and averagely muscular.
  3. One of them says happily, "Looks like the party is down here!" "No we were just leaving," Gavin says grumpily while giving me the look. "Well in that case, I'll help Dani to the elevator!" The same one says happily. He reminds me of Landon. Finally, we reach the main floor. I walk really slow until I get to the back of the group where Gavin is. I whisper, "Are those the guys that we were waiting for?" "Yeah," he replies. "So you guys are gonna finally tell me what's going on?!" I ask excitedly. "Yeah," once again, he replies. "Is Landon gonna be there?" I ask worriedly. "Course. Why wouldn't he be?" He says reassuringly. "Oh well I don't know! Last time he like had a melt down or something..." I say trying to describe what had happened. "Ok so have a seat," the guy says. We all sit down and get comfy. "So my name is Connor, that's Amir, and that's Hayden," Connor says pointing them out (Hayden is the one with the flippable hair, Amir is the one brownish-blond hair, and Connor is the one with dirty blond hair and bright blue eyes.) "Dani" I say with a fake smile. "Ok so umm I believe they told you their story already, so-" "No life story right now. I already know what happened. Now I was promised that you would answer my questions." I cut him off impatiently. I never had patience. They should probably know that, but I'm not gonna tell them now. "Ok fine. Have it your way. What's your question," says Hayden. "First of all, why am I here? Why is it just me that you guys have to talk to? Why can't my friends come too? Where was I just at? And what the heck was there?!" I ask. They all exchanged uneasy glances.
  4. Gavin decides to break the silence, "So in the Supernatural World, there's kings, queens, princes, princesses, and everyone below them. They have the most power and lots of different powers, more then the people below them. And you don't know this're a..umm...princess." "IMMA WHAT?!?!?!?!?!" I scream. "Yeah, it's true," Amir says speaking for the first time. After a few minutes of silence, I ask, "So even if its true, it doesn't answer my question." "Right, well see we want you to help us. That's why you are here." Connor says. "What kind of help? And why do you need me?" I ask. "Remember how we told you about our past and those people who murdered our families? And how your principle betrayed us?" Landon asks. "Yeah," I say awkwardly. "Yeah well first, we want to get back at them." Landon says.
  5. He pulls out a box and inside the box was a photograph of a bunch of people smiling. I closely scan everybody in the picture. "These people are all the people who helped in the murder." Landon says. "They each will pay for what they did!" Hayden says angrily. "This is your principle," Landon points to a women who is in her early twenty's. Wow I barely even recognized her! She looks so young. "How do you know that it's these people?" I ask because I don't think that she could have done it or any of these people. "Well some of them we have the proof, but the others..not really," Gavin says. "We want you to help us get back at them," Connor says. "What do you mean by 'get back at them'?" I ask just to clarify. "We're not planning on physically hurting them. Just until they lose their jobs and positions." Landon explains. "See, they all have really good jobs. These people are at the top of the triangle right after you and the kings, queens, and princes." Connor clarifies. "Lose their jobs?! How about kill them!" Hayden says angrily. This guy officially scares me. Hayden smirks at me like he knew what I said but I'm pretty sure I didn't say it out loud.
  6. "Anyway, all these people in the picture, they are like a team. One falls, the rest help. They rely on each other." Landon says ignoring Hayden's comment. "If all of us here will fight hard against them, we could defeat them easily." Amir says. "Oh so like... Revenge?" I ask putting the pieces together. "Yeah that's it," Gavin says. "Ok, so you want me to help you get revenge on these people?" I ask recapping. "Yup," Connor says.
  7. Ok so that's it!! Leave a comment if Dani should help them or if she shouldn't.
  8. Which guy do you like the best?
  9. Which friend do you like the best? You will get to know the rest in the next part!
  10. Thanks for reading! Part 4 will be out soon but I don't know when. The descriptions for the guys are at the top paragraphs and next time I'll put the girls descriptions. Thanks! Bye

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