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Hi! This quiz is made to see what true werewolf you are! Are you the alpha ,beta ,gamma ,hunter ,or just plain dumb? This quiz lets you find out if you are a true wereowlf or not.So try it!

Are YOU a werewolf? Would you be able to survive the call of the wild? You could only be powerful or weak.So try this quiz.Click it here,and now! There's always smart ones,and dumb ones.

Created by: Shelby
  1. Okay...So You just got bit by a Werewolf,your bledding like hell and in so much pain.The wolf is smiling at you,laughing evily.
  2. It's night time,you start to look at yourself,your eyes are changing colors.What should you do?
  3. When you sleep in your bed,You don't know it,but you change in your sleep.Your fur changes to it's color.In your dream you see yourself hunting.It's all real.
  4. What rank would you like to be?
  5. What best describes you?
  6. What's your favorite color?
  7. Did you know your eyes can change colors?
  8. The song monster by Skillet descripes Werewolves very will.Do you agree?
  9. Are you bored?
  10. Okay...Last question.Did you like this quiz?

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