Who Are You in a Fox Pack?

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You will find out who are you in this pack. Are you a strong Leader, smart Beta, loyal Warrior, quick Hunter, kind Kitcarer, or lonely Omega? You are about to find out. Note: this quiz was made for girls, for there is a some romatic relationships.

In this quiz, you are a newbie and is assigned to Omega. Can you rise from there and be at least a warrior? You have to work hard to reach there or else you will have to do the jobs that no one wants.

Created by: Fire Fox
  1. You were a prisoner. Now, you joined your new pack as an Omega. The leader's name is Flores and she wants to see you. Other foxes say it's a big honor for you. Do you agree?
  2. You are on a rocky hill with your new leader. Flores is kind and tells you the reason why you were a prisoner. Are you ready to hear it?
  3. "You were kidnapped, because our Omega died. He was your brother. He told me that you should take his place." Do you believe it?
  4. She shows proof. She shows you the rock where his claw print was carved. You read what he wrote. "(Your name), you shall take my spot as an Omega no matter what." Do you believe now?
  5. Flores howls for Beta. She comes. Her name is Sonya. "What do you need?" "Show this fox our place." As they talk, you get uncomfortable. Do you listen to what they say?
  6. Sonya shows you around. Then, you meet Doug, who is a warrior. After stopping to rest at Riverrest ( a place in your terriory), you ask her a question. What will you ask?
  7. Let's say you asked about the member levels. Sonya tells you that you fight a member to get there, but with beta and leader, it's different. Beta is chosened by the leader, and for leader is unknown. As she explains, what are you thinking?
  8. You ask about your brother. Sonya says it's too early to tell you. You get angry. How do you handle your anger?
  9. You returned to Main Hill. Other foxes are waiting for you. When everyone was ready, Flores said, "We will pick a name for the Omega." What is your reaction?
  10. The leader gives you choices. What do you pick?
  11. It is midnight. You are in Sleeping Den the Second. There are kits, hunters, and warriors. The beta and leader sleeps at Sleeping Den the First. What do you think about it?
  12. However, not all warriors are in the den. You are allowed to go outside. Will you go outside?
  13. You went outside. You visited Riverrest. It is so beautiful. Then, you bump into Doug. You fall into the water.
  14. Doug saves you. You thank him, and then you noticed his eyes. They are purple.
  15. "Don't scream," he warns you. His eyes flash with angerness. "If you tell a soul, I make sure you will die." He gives you a quick kiss and runs to the other side of Riverrest. What are you thinking?
  16. The next day, you ask Flores to move up a level. "I want to take Doug's place," you tell her. She looks at you, and says, "Doug is good at fighting. Are you sure?"
  17. Time to fight! You pounce onto Doug, but he is quick. Other foxes are shouting, "Go, Doug! We love you!" Who do you think will win?
  18. The leader decides what member you will be. You may even become the leader! Are you ready for the result?

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