what rank are you in a wolf pack?

This quiz is to determine what type of role you are, sorry if it is not so good it's my first quiz, and sadly it will probably be my only one because i did this just for fun.Anyway, the quiz has seven questions, some of them about opinions, and some of them about feelings.

The questions, and answers will determine if you are a, Alpha, Beta, Delta, Hunter/Warrior, Pup, Omega, Or just an average pack wolf, HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: glitch the wolf
  1. how do you describe your self?
  2. how would your other wolfs describe you?
  3. would you rather be....
  4. about how much friends do you have?
  5. how was your last report card?
  6. do your friends see you as....or......
  7. say its saturday afternoon, what would you do?
  8. do you like being around people?
  9. what is your sense of humor based on?
  10. last question!!! what do you think about anime

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Quiz topic: What rank am I in a wolf pack?