The Weeaboo Test

A weeaboo is a negative term used to describe a fan of Japanese culture, a rabid not considered normal or even born in Japan. A synonym can be Wapanese (wannabe Japanese).

This quiz is to help you find out if you fall under the term "weeaboo", and if so, how much of one you are. After all, you don't want to be called "crazy" one day. . . Baka!

Created by: GalactaGhost

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  1. Do you use Japanese in place of your native language often?
  2. How do you refer to your friends?
  3. Do you eat a lot of pocky?
  4. How much Japanese anime do you watch?
  5. Were you born/live in Japan or have parents from there?
  6. Has anyone ever called you an otaku?
  7. Are you proud of that?
  8. How much Japanese do you know?
  9. How often do you order things from Japan?
  10. Have you read Japanese manga?

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