Are you a weeaboo?

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What is a weeaboo? A weeaboo thinks Japan is superior to everything because of anime. The main difference between weeaboos and otakus is that one sees Japan as some holy land and the other, while possibly liking Japan, does not. Weeaboos base their knowledge of Japan solely on anime without doing any research.

Actually, real weeaboos don’t admit that they are. In fact, they deny it because they can't handle the truth. "Omg you baka desu! I'm not a weeaboo desu! Why are you so mean to me desu?" This is an actual quote from my encounter with a weeaboo. Could this possibly be you? Let’s take a quiz to see if you are a weeaboo.

Created by: burumargo
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  1. Do you see Japan as some holy land?
  2. Do you use Japanese words like "desu" and "kawaii" in English conversations?
  3. How do you pronounce manga?
  4. Do you bash Western culture or anything that does not come from Japan?
  5. What do you think you will get?
  6. What type of anime do you watch?
  7. Do you want to live in Japan someday?
  8. Do you tell people you are Japanese (when you are not)? BE HONEST
  9. Do you speak Japanese?
  10. (filler.)

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Quiz topic: Am I a weeaboo?