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Now you enter a wolrd story were you make life decisions to pull yourself through. Enjoy this orgianal and unexpected quiz series as you move trhough it slowly and plow towards your fate.

Good luck to you and dont always truth either your heart or guts. Go with your commonsense and brain.I bid you a farewell and a good ado dear little reader.

Created by: SilverTree
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  1. Now before we begin make sure you read the paragraph above,its not the usal nonsense
  2. You walk down the road,looking around for people. You have travled a long way across the nation to get to a certin place. You are about to take a path when someone comes up to you, "Why dont go there,its the other way you should go" the voice comes out
  3. A: You end up following her down the path and find it leads you to a town. B: You find yourself going down the path way longer than usal but after a few days you find yourself in the town At town you look for a place to stay your short on money though. A little girl all the sudden runs past you into a place that seems like an Inn.
  4. A: You make it through the night but your hungry and starving. B: You follow her in and pay the fine to sleep but when they lead you through the door you were cheated,there were no rooms. You get up tired and start looking for a place to eat. You look and see a forest,you could hunt for free or you spy a cheap market stall selling bread and cheese.
  5. A:You go to the forest and come back empty handed. You had been chased by some wolves and they took the food you had. you end up just drinking some stream water, B: You buy the bread and cheese. Its stale but its good enough for now. You finishe eating/drinking and see a tavern. You would like to build your money up but there is also a place were you could work for a low wage.
  6. A: You end up working the day and scrape up enough for awhile B:You go to the tavern and gamble. You lose alot of money and gain little. You have enough for a train ticket to the central of the nation but dont know which train station to choose. One has some sucipso shdows and the other is completely empty
  7. A:You go onto the empty one and the train rattles, halfway there it breaks down and you walk the rest of the way. B:The sahdows just turn out to be boxes and you ride your way there. You get to central and look around. Someone offers you a place to stay for awhile. She looks pretty nice.
  8. A:You nod happy and follow her. The night is peacful but for some reason she kicks you out after a few days B: You find a good place and stay there for a few days After awhile you start asking around for your brother. No one knows him,nor where he is. UNtil one person points to the mountains.
  9. A:once your up there you see no one until your ambushed and taken of your money. B: you even payed some people with information but nothing was helpful. You finally found your brother and he invites you to take a drink.
  10. A: he smiles but is not happy. After awhile you leave again just see that your lost B: the drink knocks you out and you find yourself lsot in the streets. You get up and look around.

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