Fallen Darkness- Story Quiz Series Intro~

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So yeah, I'm making a story quiz series sometime soon, and well, I'm currently planning it. No, this isn't just to level up, it's because I really want to make a story series but never had the time or patience to do so. Mhm.

This quiz was just to inform you about the series I am making. Mhm. Er.. so I hope you are looking forward to my wonderful?? story quiz series called Fallen Darkness.

Created by: Maruicea
  1. Mhm. You heard me. This is an introduction to my new story quiz series.
  2. I am currently planning what it's going to be about.
  3. I can't tell you exactly when the first one will be out, but soon enough.
  4. As you may already know, the story series is going to be called Fallen Darkness.
  5. Soo... Yeah. I think that's all I have to say.
  6. If you have any ideas or anything, then I dunno, come share them with me??
  7. I'm also currently planning the characters.
  8. It's called Fallen Darkness for a reason.
  9. And that reason is obviously because, it, er.. Involves darkness.
  10. I hope you are looking forward to it!
  11. Bye~

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