The Valentine's Suprise Part 2

This is part two of The Valentine's Suprise! Okay, in this, you finally meet Guy Number four. He has red hair and brown eyes. Are you excited? I know I am! Rate, comment, and share~.

KK in this there are four guys you can like. Ephriam: Brown hair, hazel eyes. Very sweet and makes you laugh and feel great! Ethen: Very outgoing and cocky. Black hair, green eyes. Blake: Super shy with blonde hair and blue eyes. He's super cute! =D

Created by: Feygoddess of feygoddess kix butt >=)
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  1. (Take Part 1 first!) It's Friday morning, the day of the Valentine's Dance. You groan and remember that idiotic letter. Waking up fully, you grab it, crumple it, and throw it in your backpack. You open your closet and pick out:
  2. You brush your teeth and tie your hair up in a high braid. Grabbing your backpack, you check your pink watch. You don't have much time before the bus comes, so you eat a few granola bars and chug a glass of milk. You make it just in time! Where do you sit?
  3. Nothing important happens, really. You go to school on time, but the guys aren't there. Lisa is her usual b i t c h y self. You wonder where they are, and hope a secret someone shows up to the dance. You decide to walk home, and start daydreaming about spinning in the arms of that special someone at in the moonlight, when suddenly you get the feeling your being watched. "Eaaaaveeelynnn...." (Yeas that's your name) the wind seems to whisper, but when you turn around, no one is there. You shiver and practically run home freaked out. When you get home, you eat an apple, do some homework, and doze. Your slumber is disturbed by nightmares of a mysterious entity reaching out to you. However, it is good that you woke up, because it's almost time for the dance. You put on make up and open your closet, pulling out a...
  4. Whatever you chose, you look absoloutely gorgeous! You rebraid your long blonde hair and coil it atop your heal in an elaborate style. You check out the window and~ voila! Ethen's shiny red sports car is out on your drive way. Good thing too, because you can't stand the thought of having to walk to school via the creepy road. Not to mention the shoes! You run down the stairs and out the door, but you trip into who's arms?
  5. Which ever one you pick catches you and says "Woah... Eavy... you look... Wow... You look lovely!" The two other guys both agree somewhat enviously. You smile laviciously and reply, "You're not too shabby yourself, handsome." He grins and kisses you, then opens the back seat door for you. After you get in, he slides next to you and holds you in his arm, kissing you somemore. The other guys sit in the front and glare at your guy like they can burn a hole in his head. You sigh in happiness and say...
  6. You drive to the dance. When you get out of the car, everyone gasps and points at you in your radiant sexiness. Lisa is instantly there, shoving you out of the way to get to Blake. Your instant reaction is to trip her, which you, of course, execute in perfection. The guys laugh at her, and she stares at you with hate in her eyes. Somehow, you can hear her vicious words even though she is lying on the floor as she whispers to you. "Just wait till tonight, slut, then we'll see who's laughing." Then your guy spins you around, laughingly plants a kiss on your lips, and you walk inside the school. You dance, eat, talk, and have a great time, but eventually you get separated. You decide that this is an ideal time to go see what's at the late tonight, and start outside.
  7. You stroll to the lake and admire the stars for what seems like eternity. Finally you decide to go inside. It seems the letter was just a prank. Suddenly, you get hit from your right side and fall to the ground. Lisa smacks you across the face and calls you a bunch of cuss words. Then a man appears behind her, laughing cruelly at you. He's the man from your dream: in the faint moonlight you see he has red hair and dark, almost black, brown eyes. "Off Lisa. Your work is done. You can go back." Lisa cackles, wrenching your hair at which you spit at her, before kicking you in the ribs and walking off to find Ethen. The man watches you convulse in pain on the floor. What are you thinking?
  8. "Eavelyn, Eavelyn, Eavelyn... It was terribly easy to trick your guys into skipping school when I wrote to them in a letter that I would kill you. Of course, that is the truth, isn't it? But first, I must drain you of your powers." The man sighs. "Such a waste.. you are a very pretty morsel." He wrenches you up in way of greeting. You say...
  9. Whatever you say angers him. He hits you repetively until your out cold. Your last thoughs are of...
  10. Come for part three! Did you like this quiz???
  11. Btw... what power you think Eavy should have? I think I know what I'm gonna do! ^-^ (Comment and tell me what you think!)

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