The Unnoticed pt.1

OK this story is about a girl (you) and 5 people (2 girls and 3 boys)who are "special" and are protecting you from the son of the person who killed your true parents.

The beginning is kinda short and fast but the next one will be better! And you have 5 love interests to choose from! But 2 are evil and 3 are on your side, hope you like it!"

Created by: SecretLie5
  1. "_______, come on its time for school!" My little sister climbed on me to get me up. "Ok I'm coming", I got up and took a shower and stuff, "Dang its my first day", we just moved from the city to the country on the other side of the state (where ever you live to the other side across). We moved because strange things started to happen, like people broke in the house but nothing was missing the only place they did mess up was my room.... It looked like they was looking for something.
  2. "_____, can you walk here to school? Your sister's school is the other way and she can't go alone", i sighed "ok." Meisa (sister) stuck her tongue out at me; I walked by her and took her candy from her bag. I reached the school gates, the school was huge it was 5 stories high and 2 miles to go around it. I went to the front office; there was a woman in the front desk with short orange hair and bright blue eyes, "hi my I help you?" Her voice was high pitched and annoying but she looked nice, "my name is _____ _____, I'm new"ok" and out of no where she gave me my classes and started talking on the phone. I was about to leave, "oh wait! It's too early for class so you have to wait for the bell in the cafeteria which is the other way. "thanks", she smiled and continued talking. When I entered the cafeteria it was half way empty, I looked at the school clock it was only 7:00, "the classes use to start now."
  3. I sat at a table away from everyone or I thought, "heads up!" I looked up and saw a foot ball coming at me and i covered my head, "i got it!" I looked up and a girl with black hair, dark brown eyes and medium dark skin (african-american) was standing over me with the football in her hand, "you ok?" Before could answer a girl with dark brown hair and green eyes (mexican) and a boy with blond hair and golden brown eyes came running up, "Terri! Is she ok?" The boy asked, "idk, she didn't answer" "OMG! Josh you broke her voice!" The girl with green eyes said starting to panic, "no, I'm ok." I said about to laugh as the girl started to calm down. "sorry, josh can't throw straight", the black haired girl said pointing to the boy who was grinning, "my bad", he said, his voice made me melt and I blushed but stopped before they saw.
  4. "Anyways I'm Terri" the black haired girl said, "and that's katia", she pointed to the green eyed girl who looked jumpy. "I'm _______." "what classes do you have?" Josh asked me, I didn't even get to see my classes yet! And where are they?, "i have Mrs.Orr first and than gym." "good! Me and katia have reading first and gym 2nd, see you in gym josh." Than right on time the bell for first ranged. We reached 1st and no one was in a seat, people were running around, jumping on desk, and play fighting, I was scared I might get hit!
  5. "everyone sit!" The teacher came in yelling and in 5 sec. the whole class was seated and quiet. "_______, katia, and Terri can you come here." "Am I in trouble? What I do?!?" Katia started to panic again, "you're not in trouble. Because all three of you have a lot of the same classes together can y'all show _______ around?" Katia calmed down, dose she ever relax? "yes ma'am, we will", Terri answered back and we went back to our seats. The rest of class was fast and it was time for gym.
  6. When we reached the gym we had to change into the schools gym clothes. When we were done changing we had time to talk because the teachers weren't here yet again, "____! Terri! Katia!" Josh call for us to come over, with him was a boy with brown hair and hazel eyes, "____, this trake." "you just now telling me about her?!" I blushed josh rolled his eyes. "what you want? You know the teachers don't want us standing and talking." Terri asked she seemed mad about something. "wait when did you start following the rules?" "not today trake..." "ok, Aus... I mean HE found out where she lives we can't let her go home." "Ok, _______ let's go", I don't get who are they talking about? What that has to do with me?
  7. Before i could react Terri staged me out the gym and through the halls, "wait! Let go!" She stopped and faced me, "look I know you're confused but I'm helping you trust me but right now we have to go we don't have time!" "I'm sure you two can stay, we have time..." I turned around and saw a boy with blonde hair and blood red eyes, kinda cute, he was leaning on the wall grinning evilly.
  8. "what you want Jason!" "don't play dumb Terri, you know i came for her." I should run. I took off running to the door, I looked behind me and only saw Terri on the ground but where the boy go? Then I bumped into him and fell to the ground, "goodnight..." Than black smoke circled me I felt dizzy and passed out...
  9. Ok, that's the end of The unnoticed pt 1!
  10. So who you like? (two more boys coming one good one bad)

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