The Ultimate WWE Quiz

Test your knowledge here in the.... *dramatic music* Ultimate WWE Test! Do you have what it takes to get 100%?! Find out in this AMAZING TEST! (Most of that was just filler stuff)

Do you think you're a true genius? Just scroll down and find out! Now the rest is just filler, so you can skip this if you want. Have you ever eaten a dinosaur? I haven't either.

Created by: Wolf
  1. What is Daniel Bryan's real name?
  2. When was the last Over The Limit pay-per view?
  3. When does Elimination Chamber take place? (As of 2014)
  4. At Payback 2013, John Cena retained his title against Ryback in what match?
  5. True or False: The Usos are related to Roman Reigns.
  6. Are Kane and The Undertaker really brothers?
  7. The Usos are second-cousins to which Triple-Crown Champion?
  8. Who is the current Internet Champion (yes, there is one)?
  9. Who was the last European Champion?
  10. Donald Trump is in the WWE Hall of Fame

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