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Hi, this quiz is the first one I've made and I liked the other quizzes that use this website and I thought I might try it. Everything I love is either books, cats, or quizzes.

I like this quiz and I hope you do. Bc. I've been wanting to make a warrior quiz for a long time, and I've also tried to make my own warriors adventure game but it didn't turn out so well. So I hope you like it! :)

Created by: Roxie

  1. What is your favorite pelt color
  2. What is your favorite eye color
  3. Do you like stripes
  4. Okay, what leader do you look up to
  5. Your friend is in love with a cat from another Clan you . . .
  6. You are attacked by a ShadowClan raid party on boarder patrol 20 to 3 you . . .
  7. What Clan do you like the best and want to be apart of
  8. What rank do you want
  9. ONLY FOR SHE-CATS :p your having kits in the middle of a midnight walk you . . .
  10. Your in battle at the gathering and your friend's mate from another Clan attacks your leader, you . . .
  11. What is your favorite cat in the last series SPOILER*** if you haven't read it yet then choose Alderheart or Twigbranch.
  12. Foxes attacked your camp, and is heading for the nursery, you . . .
  13. What is your favorite prey
  14. what is your favorite color
  15. One more, okay how did you like my quiz?
  16. Wait wait wait! Sorry one more! :$ Are you a she-cat or a tom?

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