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  • I am apparently more reserved. Almost all of the ones I picked were Truth. For the "Dare or Dare", I picked the first one, but I have no siblings... And I didn't eat raw egg in a bowl because raw eggs can contain E. coli.

  • Hi everyone!

    This is Dashie, the user that made this quiz game. Please understand that this quiz was made for fun. Don't get offended if you got the result, "You seem more reserved..." that's okay, because I taken this quiz and got that result as well! This quiz was made for fun.


  • Your Result: You seem more reserved. 84%

    You don't seem to like or even do any of my dares or challenges I made up for you. Lemme guess, truth, because dare is scary? Time to get out of the covers and face your fear.

    sounds about right

  • That quiz was so fun! I actually licked the floor.

  • Yup...100 percent. I'm a daredevil.

  • Actually I'm happy 'cause I'm more reserved so no worries dashie

    Happy AJ

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