The Ultimate: Truth or Dare?

Welcome to Dashie's **NEW** Ultimate: Truth or Dare? Gaming quiz. Do you have the guts do these outrageous dares? This quiz was made for fun, so the result should not take any impact on your personal life meanings.

Please rate and comment at the end, it would mean so much to me. I hope you enjoy this gaming quiz because it did take a while to actually make it. Good luck!~

Created by: Dashie
  1. Truth or dare?
  2. [TRUTH]: Have you ever kissed the computer screen before? (If you submitted DARE, then skip this one and the other TRUTH questions.)
  3. [DARE] I dare you to lick the ground. Did you do it? (TRUTH people, skip this one)
  4. Truth or dare? (2)
  5. [TRUTH] Have you ever killed an innocent butterfly?
  6. [DARE] I dare you to, go outside and scream out VERY loudly, "My name is ______, and I have a crush on, ______!" Did you do it?
  7. Truth or dare? (3)
  8. [TRUTH] Have you ever stolen some money which was not your property?
  9. [DARE] I dare you to punch yourself in the cheek four times, then lick the tip of your nose. Did you do it?
  10. Dare or dare? (4)
  11. [DARE] I dare you to kiss your sibling briefly on the lips and say it's a sign that you love him/her to include into your family. Did you do it?
  12. [DARE] I dare you to go up to your mom/dad, and say, "Hey mom/dad! I'm gonna marry a criminal when I grow up and become a stripper!". Did you do it?
  13. [THE ULTIMATE DARE] I dare you to eat raw egg in a bowl. Did you do it?

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