How Well Do You Know Def Leppard

I bet you can't beat this quiz. Go ahead and try. I dare you!!! Good luck because this is the ultimate quiz! this should be on America's Top Quizes! it's the best!

Any true leppard fan will know this information! So all the posers have to exit the screen now!..this thing is telling me I have to keep typing.......

Created by: Sal

  1. Who did Phil Collin replace?
  2. What year did Steve Clark die?
  3. After what album did drummer Rick Allen lose his arm in an auto accident?
  4. Which is Def Leppard's top selling album to date?
  5. How many members are in Def Leppard?
  6. What album was the song Pearl of Euphoria on?
  7. Phil Collin and Steve Clark gained the nick name
  8. Which is not a Def Leppard song.
  9. What did Steve Clark die of?
  10. What is the name of Def Leppard's tenth album.
  11. Who replaced Steve Clark after his death?
  12. What contry singer did Def Leppard release a single with?
  13. Who came up with the name Def Leppard?
  14. What album contained material that didn't make the Hysteria album?
  15. What is Steve Clarks middle name?
  16. True or False; Def Leppard has broken up and stopped releasing albums.
  17. What single almost did NOT make the Hysteria album?
  18. Which year did Def Leppard NOT release an album?
  19. What two bands was current guitarist Vivan Campbell part of?
  20. Out of these Leppard songs, which one was not released as a single?

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