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Scientists think apes may have been able to speak.

Created by: shingo yamamoto
  1. you need the sun to survive
  2. some birds cant fly
  3. there has been a leaveing person that weighs over 600kg
  4. swedish king eric xlv was fatally poisoned
  5. there is a kind of choxolate that is made to taste like turd
  6. there is a soap that is made to look like turd
  7. cockroaches can live for 9 days without there head
  8. twerking has been found to have been around up to 1 million years ago
  9. michael jackson has had his body frozen incase in the future they make it so you can bring people back to life they can bring him back to life
  10. scienetist think apes may have been able to speak
  11. the giant squid has teeth in its suckers
  12. scientist think that earth may have been inhabitid before we got here by alien creatures

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