Animal myths. True or False

Myths... Are they telling the truth or are they al LIES! This quiz is all about animal superstitions such as "re wolves addicted to the moon?" is it true or a fat lie. Take thjis quiz and you'll find out.

First their are probably a trillion spelling mistakes in this quiz but please try and ignore them... second have you got what it takes to beat this quiz and know if the superstiutions are true or false...!

Created by: Sophie XD
  1. Wolves are addicted to the moon.
  2. Bats are blind.
  3. Priere dog is related to dogs.
  4. Dogs can sense when we have an illness
  5. Bears are Carnivores.
  6. A chicken is related to a T-Rex
  7. Tigers bones can cure illnesses such as cancer etc.
  8. Polar Bears eat Penguins.
  9. Dogs can smell X40 better then humans
  10. This quiz was amazing

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