are you one direction smart~true of false

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there are many type of quesions. one of my favoriets are the true of false quesions!! hey.... why don't we make a true or false quiz!! but not just any true or false quiz... lets give it a little one direction zing, shall we?!!!

it's time to have a little fun!! lets take a section from your history test paper and make a fun, exciting one direction quiz!!! lets not only see if you can get the right answers.... lets see how fast you can get them!!! this is a challenge... Good Luck!!! P.S comment me to tell me how fast you compleated this quiz!!

Created by: tori

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  1. ok.. how about a little true or false... one direction style!! first quesion..niall is the only member who does not have a sister.
  2. liam is scared of roller coasters and spoons.
  3. harry has a crush on taylor swift.
  4. zayn is a mama's boy.
  5. louis has a stuffed cat named darcy.
  6. niall has a solo in another world
  7. zayn would like to trad voices with liam.
  8. when ever a fan asks niall to marry them he says yes.
  9. niall has currently joined another band.
  10. harry and niall helped write gotta be you.
  11. liam got niall a live sized justin beiber for chirstmas.
  12. zayn got stage fright while on X factor
  13. louis is the oldest member of the band.
  14. niall dyed his hair when he was 17.
  15. zayns' first kiss was when he was 9.
  16. liam plays the triangle.
  17. harry always kisses the first date.
  18. louis wrote gotta be you by himself.
  19. harry wants to have a baby girl so that he can name it loui, after louis.
  20. liam and zayn came up with the name "one direction".
  21. last but not lest.... niall LOVES rabbits!

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Quiz topic: Am I one direction smart~true of false