Howrse: The True or False Quiz

There are lots of Howrse players, but how many are GREAT? How many know all the facts? How many are trivia nuts? By taking the Howrse: True or False Quiz" you'll soon know!

All you have to do is take this and you will know. You can soon tell all your Howrse friends what an expert you are on the game! Don't hesitate- learn away!

Created by: TheBookOfHowrse
  1. True or False: The Divine, Arion, is awarded to the player with the most trophies each month.
  2. True or False: WNTP stands for "What Not To Post".
  3. True or False: There is still a Cowbra (Divine, only one of whom exists) on the game somewhere.
  4. True or False: The first thing you should do when your horse wakes up is groom it.
  5. True or False: Unicorns used to be obtained by a BMI.
  6. True or False: Howrse originated from the French version, which is still around, called Equidow.
  7. True or False: There used to be a Classifieds forum on the game.
  8. True or False: There are no EC forums or Ideas Forum on any servers other than International.
  9. True or False: With the new Karma system, if you have less than 5 Karma, it will take away your right to have a presentation and replace it with the warning "____ Hasn't arrived yet!"
  10. True or False: If all your horses die you are banned from the sales.
  11. True or False: There is a horse awarded after so many days on Howrse to a player, which changes in rarity (gold, silver, bronze, etc.) called "The Loyalty Horse".
  12. True or False: You can breed Pegasuses.
  13. True or False: Ow is not really an Administrator, though that's his account label- his account gets used as a test account, he doesn't actually do any Administrating.
  14. True or False: This is quiz was made by TBH- The Book Of Howrse, the ultimate Howrse Help Website. =D

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