The ultimate quiz (Part 1)

This thing will make you know a lot of things,but this is the first part about animals,and I wish you good luck,hope you get the best score ever,thanks for choosing this!

Hey,don't be frustrated about the hard parts,I hope you don't,get frustrated.some questions are hard,even to me,this came from a book called Quiz Whiz

Created by: Terrayana

  1. Which Of the following animals can reach faster speeds than a cheetah?
  2. Which type of elephant typically takes on leadership role in a herd?
  3. What is another name for an adult male gorilla?
  4. True or False,more tigers live in captivity than in the wild.
  5. What do elephants use their trunks to do?
  6. Seals,sea lions and walruses are all "pinnipeds" which means ____.
  7. Which giant cat species has spots
  8. What is the flamingo's nest made of?
  9. True or False,males in a pride of lions do most of the hunting.
  10. Which of these animals is usually afraid of swimming?
  11. Which country is the ring-tailed lemurs?

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