Part 1 Wings of fire, love roleplay!

Hi guys!! This is a Part 1 of the whole thing! I hope you like it! There will be a Part 2 and just to tell you Part 1 ends in a cliffhanger! be sure to look out for Part 2!~~ I will make it soon!

This happens in Jade Mountain and you are an IceWing with odd light green-ish white scales. You do not have a name tho so just make one up and pretend that's u! btw this quiz has 24 questions--

Created by: Aurora Ice/RainWing
  1. It's your first day at Jade Mountain! What is the first thing you do?
  2. You walk into your den and start to read. What is the book about?
  3. A little while later Horus walks past your den with all of his "friends". He stares at you and starts to laugh and says " Your an IceWing with whiteish GREEN scales!" they all---laugh-- and others come over to see whats going on. What do you do?
  4. You walk out your den past Horus, but he grabs your arm and pins you down. He stares down at you with a wicked smile across his face. You try to get up but the others help pin you down. What do you do now?
  5. In the end you shove him off and run-- where do you go?
  6. (If you chose FACE HIM OFF) You decide to fight him and stand your ground. You claw at his face but you miss. Another dragon grabs your tail and throws you down. You scratch the dragons underbelly and he roars. you see Tsunami passing over there. what do you do?
  7. (If you chose to go somewhere) After you went (to the) ___ you find out it's time for History. You limp a little because Horus kicked it before. Verglas offers to help you. what do you say?
  8. (If you chose Yes) Verglas lifts you up and puts you on his back. He steps on ur tail during the process. what do you say to him?
  9. You arrive at history class and sit down. Verglas comes over and sits with you. Horus starts to laugh. What do you say?
  10. After History you walk towards your den. But from another den a dragon pulls you in. There was no torch light so you couldn't see who it was. what do you do?
  11. (If you chose Pull Away) You try to pull away but the dragons grip is tight. He clamps your mouth shut with some type of metal. He ties you up to a tall thick stone pole. You try to free yourself and the dragon claws your arm. what do you do?
  12. You wake up in your den your leg and wing still acing from the scratches DarkProwler gave you. You decide to go somewhere and where will that be?
  13. (If you chose Teach Horus a lesson) You walk over to Horus's den and pounce on him. but before you get far Horus grabs your neck and kicks your underbelly. You howl with pain. Horus stamps you down to the ground, dis claws digging into your chest. Zorro hears this and calls Tsunami. The problem is solved and Horus was punished.
  14. If you chose (Spy on DarkProwler) you creep down and stare into DarkProwler's den. He was working on a few.. Wait. those were the chains he used to tie you up! He sees you and knocks you out. What are your thoughts?
  15. Zorro asks you to sit with him at the prey center. What do you tell him?
  16. You soon walk past a cave where Mudslide was reading. He looks up and says 'hi" what do you say back?
  17. you see Mudslide at the prey center again. He gives you a cow he caught. what do you do?
  18. You see Ibis doing battle training. He asks you to join him. what do you do?
  19. You fly down to the underground lake and find TidalWave swimming there. He asks you if you wanted swimming lessons you say..
  20. Tidalwave brings you down the water and starts to drown you (turns out hes an assasasasain! but he loves you :3 aww)
  21. You almost drown when ibis comes over and pulls TidalWave off of you.
  22. You walk towards your den cold and soaked when DarkProwler grabs your severly hurt back leg and pulls you in and knocks you out.
  23. You wake up to see more advanced metal bands and chains on your wings, whip thin tail, snout, and limbs. You see drawings of iceWing test subjects... 0_0 and then you see 5 more nightwings and then the last thing you see is DarkProwler knocking you out and the world went black.
  24. Well? what did ya think? I know it ended in a cliffhanger lol. but there will be a Part 2! Part 3, 4, 5 maybe even a 6!! hope u liked it..!

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