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There are many Naruto fanatics hidden around the world, perhaps some even actually have action figures they make love to, but I want to know, are you a Naruto fanatic?

Emerge from the rest, don't let this oppurtunity fly by, spend some time, I don't know, 1-3 minutes clicking boxes on this really hard quiz, get this ACED, you COULD be a Naruto fan!

Created by: Mitchell Hevingham of Nonematelolsyouphailsomuch
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  1. True or False : Sasuke's second name is Uchiha.
  2. Raidou is what rank?
  3. Naruto Uzamaki, the main character of the show, has what demon sealed inside of him?
  4. Tobi's real name is what?
  5. Ichiraku, who appears in a certain amount of episodes, sells what main food?
  6. Orochimaru, was previously in what clan?
  7. Tsunade's secret crush is who?
  8. Sasuke's parents (BEFORE THE SLAUGHTERING OF THE UCHIHA FAMILY) were called what?
  9. Itachi, Is the brother of what famous character?
  10. The Un-named team includes who?
  11. A secret naruto episode, which does not concern battling, is called what?
  12. Naruto is catagoried in which genre?
  13. TRUE OR FALSE : Kimmimaro Kaguya is terminally ill when Orochimaru sends him to fight Naruto.
  14. What song is used as the shipuuden theme song?
  15. Sakura's hair colour is ....

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