The Naruto Quiz

I am a big Naruto fanatic. I want to see if you know as much as me. This a great 14 question quiz, trust me. This quiz will determine if you are a REAL Naruto fan.

Do you know a lot about Naruto? Do you think you know a lot? Well, take this quiz and find out! Please rate and comment, and there will be more quizzes on the way!

Created by: WadalBoss
  1. Who is the only ninja of the Konoha 11 whose name doesn't appear in an episode title?
  2. Who is Naruto's godfather?
  3. When did Naruto learn the Rasengan technique?
  4. Who was the leader of the Sasuke Retrieval Squad?
  5. Who did Choji go up against in the Sasuke Rescue Mission?
  6. At what age did Kakashi become a Chunin?
  7. Who is the first ninja of the Konoha 11 to become a Jonin?
  8. Who is the Sixth Hokage?
  9. Who was the original jinchuriki of Kurama?
  10. Which battle ended in a tie?
  11. Which ninja won their preliminaries match but failed to arrive at the finals?
  12. True or false: Choza Akimichi was Guy's sensei.
  13. When did Shikamaru become a Chunin?
  14. Final question: Who is the youngest Sand Sibling?

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