How much do you know about Naruto?

Welcome to Naruto! Where everyone dies and Naruto is Op! Well, It's a good show XD Do you know enough about Naruto to get this quiz 100%? Let's find ot shall we?

Le quiz makes me keep typing so here is randomness. Le piggy and le cake and pieeee yummehhhh. Wai you gotta do dis to meh quiz? Waiii? I don't need that many characters!

Created by: Emily
  1. In the anime, Naruto, Team 7's first mission was what?
  2. Fillers are thought he entire series but some of them are important. Yet there are those that are just there. In one filler, a young man named Menma lost his memory. ((Episode 213)) What was he named after?
  3. Some parents in Kohana have a kid that resembles their own name in some way. But which ninja has a name all on their own?
  4. yay! More talk about Rin! We all know Kakashi ran her though with Chidori but Rin jumped in the way. Why?
  5. In Episode 1 of Shippuden, Naruto returns home. Who was the first to spot him?
  6. If youv'e seen the secret endings, you'd know how Izumo adapted the Syrup trap. Do you remember?
  7. Who was the team of the 3'd Hokage?
  8. For many years, The village hidden in the clouds, Kumogakure, was attacked by this tailed beast:
  9. Who was the first person naruto used 'Sexy jutsu' on?
  10. How many masks did 'Tobi' go though before revealing his face?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Naruto?