Naruto: Dating RPG

Welcome to my; "Naruto; Dating RPG". It is for girls ONLY! I hope you will enjoy this VERY long quiz, which I made so lengthy on purpose. Cause I offenly get to a quiz that I like, but it is too short, and over quickly. So there's the reason.

Five boys, since my imagination ran out for description at the end. :( Sorry. But I WILL be nice enough in telling you that the quiz includes; Rock Lee, Neji Hyuuga, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and Kiba Inuzuka. This is an RPG, or Role Playing Game, so you will take on the role of a kunoichi (female ninja) in Konoha (Leaf Village) and please enjoy!

Created by: Skydragon
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  1. The day is starting. You are going to train;
  2. When you return from training, Sakura is running towards you. "I'm having a slumber party! Wanna come?" she asks you excited. "All of the genin are coming." she adds.
  3. So the slumber party is this evening. What will you do now?
  4. Before dinner, you go of to Sakura's place; taking your cell. When your walking, you suddenly get a ring. You pick up the phone;
  5. "Hey, it's Ino! Are you on your way?" you hear across the phone.
  6. You tell her that you are, and she asks where to;
  7. "Sakura's." you say. "Oh, cool. Can we walk together? Cause I'm going too, and you come past my place." Ino answers.
  8. You decide to go with her, and you wait her up at the flower shop. Ino comes out with her bags, and a flower. "For Sasuke." she says with sparkling eyes.
  9. Whatever you were thinking, you went on towards Sakura's place. When you arrive, you hear music coming from her house. Sakura herself is standing in the doorway. She waves at you two, and is smiling. "Hey! My folks aren't home tonight, but said I could have this party. Come on in." she greets you.
  10. Sakura leads the way in. When you enter, you see people dancing, chatting, snacking, and just being cool. You see many sleeping bags in one corner, and a table with snacks and drinks in the other. In the other corner is a sort of dressing cabin. Sakura points at the sleeping bags. "You can sort out your stuff there, and change there." she then points to the cabin. "Call me when you need me." she adds, and goes of to chat, snack and dance too.
  11. You notice that mostly anyone is in PJs, except you and Ino, so you decide to change. Your stuff you have dumped next to;
  12. When you are done putting down your stuff, someone comes up to you. It's Lee. He asks you if you want to `swing on the dancefloor'.
  13. You either do or don't, but after, you hear quick, gentle pacing coming your way. Then Akamaru jumps up into your lap, and starts barking happily.
  14. "Sorry bout that." you hear Kiba saying, as he rushes your way. He picks up Akamaru, and scratches his head. "I guess he was just happy to see you." he says with a little blush.
  15. You then pace on towards the dance floor, and see the two coolest boys standing near the snacks table. They are chatting, and slightly glancing at you.
  16. Someone then grabs your arm. You turn to see, and Naruto is standing there; smiling at you.
  17. "Want a snack?" he asks you.
  18. Suddenly you see Neji and Sasuke parting in a really quick motion. They each turn their backs to the other, and walk away almost angered. Sakura rushes up to Sasuke to ask what's wrong, with Ino following closeby. You wonder what happens. A little later, Sakura taps you on your shoulder.
  19. Sakura looks a little sad. "Sasuke said," she stammers in a sober tone, "That he has a crush on someone. And when I waited for him to tell me, he told me to get out of his sight." she nearly weeps.
  20. "Please don't cry, Sakura." you hear Lee saying. He has come up behind Sakura. "I'm sure that he didn't mean to offend you. And if he did, he better apologize." he is saying.
  21. Sakura rubs your eyes. "D-don't worry about me." she stammers. "We're here for a party, so let's keep it that way." she says a bit more cheerful.
  22. Sakura seems happy again. "Come on everyone, let's get closer! Literally!" she says cheerfully, and holds up a bottle. "Spin the bottle time!"
  23. Everyone sits down in a circle. You do too.
  24. "Okay, who will start? Of course, ladies first!" Sakura cheers, while standing with the bottle in her hand. When no one answers, Hinata stammers, "S-since you're our hostess, I think you should begin."
  25. Most of the others agree, and Sakura smiles somewhat mischievously. "All right, then I'll begin." she admits. She kneels down, and sets the bottle down. She gives it a heavy spin.
  26. The bottle slows, and it stops at Shikamaru. Sakura pulls an odd face, and the others begin to laugh, clap, cheer and howl. Shikamaru rubs his head. "Ugh, what a drag. Come here." he mumbles. Sakura goes over, and gives him a quick kiss, then goes back to where she seats. Shikamaru spins. He gets Ino. But she goes nearly white, saying, "I refuse to kiss you! That Sakura did it, I understand, cause she can't get any better, but I'm not gonna!" Sakura gets up. "What did you say?!"
  27. Shikamaru shrugs, and gives her a quick kiss, then goes back to where he was seated. Ino stops yelling at Sakura, and vice versa. Then Ino spins. The bottle doesn't stop on the one you like, and it coees to the point that eventually Kiba spun and got you.
  28. It's your turn to spin. You watch anxiously, as the bottle begins to slow. It stops on.
  29. You stand up shyly, and go to the boy you have to kiss.
  30. Soon enough, the spin-the-bottle game is over, and Sakura announces that next dares will be done. Everyone sits down on their sleeping bags. Some sit down by friends or crushes.
  31. You are dared to sit on your crush's lap for the evening.
  32. You do so eventually, and you get to dare someone.
  33. Eventaually everyone gets bored with playing dares, and enough of the group are getting tired. Sakura decides that for the sake of others, that everyone should sleep. You respect her choice.
  34. The next morning, the sunbeam's wake you. You rise and stretch. Some of the others are already awake. Askura is passing around breakfast, and asking what everyone would like. She asks you, and gets you what you like also.
  35. After breakfast, everyone begins to gather their stuff, and to dress. You do the same, and Sakura begins to clean the large room. After all is done, she waves everyone goodbye as they leave. You decide to drop your stuff at your house. While you are pacing, your cellphone rings. You pick up.
  36. It's Neji. He asks if you'd like to go for an icecream with him later that day.
  37. Eventually, even this day passes, and you are at home.

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