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There are people you loves quizzes like you. This quiz is all about who are you alike in naruto. What is naruto? Naruto is a type of anime. Hope you enjoy.

Are you worthy for this quiz? Will you place the correct/true answers? I know it is a yes. It is because we should tell the truth. This quiz could also be a practice for your honesty

Created by: auralee cayabyab
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What jutsu would you use?
  2. What chakra would you use?
  3. If you were a new student and the teachers asks you to introduce yourself what is your reaction?
  4. If you would fight someone how would you feel?
  5. What is a best topic for you?
  6. What eye color matches you?
  7. What team would you want to be part?
  8. What hair color bests suits you?
  9. Where would you want your city to be?
  10. What name would you use ?

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