Naruto Love quiz

Ok so if you know what my real identity you know I love Im doind a naruto love quiz because I have a few anime crushes. I swear if you judge me you are not welcome here!

If you have not taken my last creepypasta quiz than I want to introduce you to Bookworm my BFF who will continue the marauders quiz and we will be working on a few Harry Potter quiz.

Created by: PeculiarGirl1
  1. You walked across the forest looking for your cousin Kiba. Your messy blue hair swept across your pale face. You were so thirsty, you used your water element and drank. It was a hot day but you were wearing a blue bat wing cloak with a tight black sleeved shirt and leggings with denim skirt and boots. You tied your hair in a messy ponytail. A tree branch cracked behind you. You turned around. They didnt show themselves. You used you genjutsu and a white dog came out and leapt on you. You fell to the floor.
  2. "Akamaru?" You turned your face. "Akamaru! get off her" the dog obeyed him. "I could have used my genjitsu!" you said looking at the boy. "Kibu?" "Asuka?" you nodded and jumped up and hugged him.
  3. You walked out of the forest catching up with your dear cousin. He brought you to a forest. "So what village did you travel from? just curious" "the mist-village" you said as he led you up the stairs. "You'll use the guest bedroom! remember where it is?" "I havent been here since I was like what? three?" he smiled. "To the right" "thankyou" You opened the doors. It was small but it would make do.
  4. You opened the windows it showed the training grounds. There was a boy with black hair practicing what seemed to be water jitsu. He was making so many mistakes. Before you could stop yourself. "You realise you need to be calmer other wise its going to back fire!" You turned red. He turned around and looked at you. "If your so good at it why dont you show me?" you smiled. "challenge accepted.
  5. You shuffled down stairs. Kibu was gone. You walked outside. You gulped. He was tall, had black hair but his eyes were darker than his hair. You stopped yourself from blushing. *I've only met him for what 15 seconds!* you thought to yourself. You relaxed a little when you were half way through the summoning. It came with ease. "I'm Asuka by the way. Asuka Kurokawa" "Sasuke. Sasuke Uchiha."
  6. "Hey, what other skills you have sasuke?" "Why want to help me?" "no just curious" you laughed. You took your hair out of the ponytail and let it sweep across your shoulders. "I'm hungry! any good food places?" "Only if you like ramen" "why the heck not!" you laughed. You started walking beside him when you felt someone glare at you. It was a girl with pink hair. "Whats her problem?" you wondered out loud.
  7. "Thats Sakuro Haruno, she's had a crush on me for forever." "I can see why" you stopped in your tracks. You werent meant to say that. "Sasuketurned his head and smiled. "Your such a loser!" "compared to you I'm nice!" you said smiling. "We're here" The shop owner gave you little ramen. "Need to save some for Naruto's return" he said well something along those lines. "Whats a naruto?" you asked. "an annoying boy that is somehow my friend." you nodded. you looked at the clock. "Best be getting back! by sasuke!" you said sprinting.
  8. You walked close to the forest. It was peacful until you felt eyes staring at you. You turned around. "Hello?" There were a pair of blue eyes in the corner. "A-are you lost?" the thing stepped out of the shadows. It was a boy your age with black around his peircing blue eyes, red hair and a symbol on his head. "Im Asuka. whats your name?" "Gaara" he mumbled. "Here my cousin can help you!" you said grabbing his hand. Then his hand wasnt there and he was replaced with sand. "Oh." you whispered and left.
  9. You walked through the door. Kiba was waiting for you. "Hi Kiba!" "Um....I sorta know I'm diving in too fast but the ninja's your age are in a squad. I talked to the hokage but we are in seperate squads. Your in squad 7. I know a girl who's going to meet you here at 5 in the morning to take you to meet the rest of the crew. Is that ok." "Oh, but 5 seriously?" you groaned. kibu laughed. 'early night" you walked upstairs and fell asleep easily.
  10. Ok thats the end sorry for not adding naruto in yet he'll definitely will be in the next quiz though

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