What Kind of Naruto Fan are YOU?

Naruto is an awesome anime, but are YOU an awesome Naruto fan? Do you know Naruto's life story as well as your own? Do you know ALL of the character's life stories?

Do you think that you are the top Naruto fan around? That no other can match your Naruto intellect? That you can answer any Naruto question aimed at you? Well take the quiz to find out how high you rank!

Created by: Mai
  1. Who is the main character in Naruto?
  2. Who is the oldest character?
  3. Which character is the only Chunnin after the FIRST Chunnin Exam?
  4. Who is after the Kyuubi in Naruto?
  5. Shukaku resides in which character?
  6. What kind of Ninja does Sakura become?
  7. Of the 11 genins in the Leaf village, who is the LAST to become a chunnin?
  8. Hey! weren't there FOUR teams of 3 genins in the Leaf village? What happened to number 12?
  9. WHO was missing number 12?
  10. When the cast matures by two years, who is the shortest of Team Kakashi?
  11. Naruto is going to be the...
  12. Who is a stupid Konoha village traitor that deserves to die?
  13. When Team Kakashi goes against Kakashi for another test of grabbing Kakashi's bells, how did they defeat him?
  14. Who is the maker of Kankuro's puppets?
  15. What colour hair does Kankuro have?
  16. What does the swirl on Naruto's shirt signify?
  17. The 3 man team, Team Kakashi is constructed with these characters...
  18. Naruto is most like...
  19. The Chakra of the Kyuubi is...
  20. Who is the white haired teacher that teaches Naruto after Kakashi does?

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Naruto Fan am I?