What type of jutsu would you wield?

This is a quiz to show you which jutsu you would have if your were a ninja like Naruto. I hope you think this is a good quiz and I may make many more.

This quiz can tell you if you are better off a wind, lightning, water, fire, or earth ninja. It asks you things like what you would do in a certain situation or some details about you. This quiz is based off of the anime/manga Naruto.

Created by: Ethan
  1. What is your favorite element?
  2. What is your weapon of choice?
  3. What would you do if one of your comrades was injured during a battle?
  4. Think back to the last question. What would you have done if your ally died before you got back to the village?
  5. So now to talk about you. What is your best interest?
  6. What is your favorite out of these six ninja?
  7. Which of these is most like your spirit animal?
  8. Which of these is most like yourself?
  9. What is your favorite mythological god?
  10. Last question. What type of jutsu would you like to have?

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